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Biogreen Biodegradable Straws

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Biogreen Biodegradable Straws




biodegradable straws

Say No To Plastic – Use Biodegradable Straws

100% Biodegradable & Compostable. Safe for you and Safe for the Planet

Plastics have practically invaded our lives and reached every corner of the world. Right from using plastic tooth brushes, straws, dustbin liners, cutlery to plastic pouches, grocery bags, laminates, there is no end to it, or so we thought.

Did you know plastic straws are killing fish, turtles and sea life while also destroying the ocean environments ?

Switch to high quality biodegradable straws today that are healthy, affordable, and 100% compostable. BIOGREEN™ is a unique, environment conscious startup, basically a biotechnology company that produces Biodegradable carry bags and other Biodegradable products that are 100% Natural and completely compostable. We have started a new product(Biodegradable Straws) a replacemnet for plastic Straws. Highly, environment friendly, these products are all made from renewable resources – Corn, Cassava and rice. Plastic products may take upto a thousand years to degrade, while these products biodegrade within 3-6 months in a composting system. Our straws are exclusively made in the India so you can always trust that they are safely made and to the highest quality standard.

compostable straw manufacturerbiodegradable straws
  • 100% Compostable, plastic free!
  •  Biogreen Straws are made from plants
  •  Strong and Sturdy
  •  Doesn’t melt like paper straws
  •  Heat Resistance
  •  Flavour proof

BIOGREEN ™ Straws are certified from CIPET, SRIRAM and SGS hence they are completely harmless to the environment and the ecosystem at large. These products are undoubtedly a great free way to implement the Maharasthra Plastic Ban without compromising on the practicality aspect for the citizens of the state.
BIOGREEN ™ has fully operational manufacturing units in PUNE, DHARWAD and THIRUCHIRAPALLY and exports more than 120 + tonnes of products to the Middle East, UK, Kenya and other region of South Africa. They have also entered into agreements with retail giants akin to Future GroupMyntra and DMart
BIOGREEN compostable range of straws made from 100% plant-based PLA. Our Range starts from 5mm up to our 10mm straw – perfect for slurping smoothies or cold ice tea. Our straws are flavour proof which means your favourite smoothies will not taste like paper ? All our products meets the standard test for compostable plastic as per ISO 17008 and Tested By Central Institute of Polymer Technology(CIPT) No 17011/7

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