Capitalize on Eco-friendly and Sustainable Biodegradable Products

Biogreen is a biotechnology company that provides eco-friendly and biodegradable products. In addition, we now offer manufacturing facilities for potential businesses and partner projects in Canada.

The global market size of biodegradable products has already hit the 3 billion mark in 2019 and still growing exponentially. As a result, there is a considerable shift in preference towards our eco-friendly plastic alternative products. We also sell products through retail outlets, societies, and supermarkets.

We are experts in setting up manufacturing units with ten years of experience. The manufacturing steps involved are heating raw materials, testing pellets, processing them into thin films, and converting them into carrying bags.

Our eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products offer excellent finishing texture and provide premium quality pressing and secured bottom sealing.

The average time for implementation of this project is estimated at five months. The activities include project place finalization, registration, loan sanction, commercial production, among others. Most of the activities shall be initiated concurrently for commercial production from the 5th month onwards.

If you are looking for eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic alternative products to set up a business or initiate such a project, get in touch with us.

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