Biodegradable and Compostable Mulch Films



In modern-day agriculture mulch films accelerate the growth of plants, retain water, prevent weeds and increase crop yields. Yet after the harvest, the collection of conventional PE mulch films is very labour intensive and has to be done with great care. Leftover PE mulch films deteriorate soil quality over time and hinder the growth of crops.

Certified biodegradable mulch films made from BASFs innovative and biobased premium-polymer ecovio® present a crucial advantage. After the harvest they can simply be plowed into the soil, where they biodegrade, saving time and money. Thus, ecovio® M supports a sustainable agriculture in a world of growing food demands by conserving soils and increasing crop yields.


  • Good oxygen and moisture barriers
  • Printable
  • Excellent uv rays blocker
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Width 4.42 ft length 800 meters
  • Available in thicknesses of 25 – 100µ

Suggested Uses:

Agriculture use, nursery, farming

MOQ AND PRICE: 560+ gst

350 KG 1 t – for converting.

Reel size is customized to order. BIOGREEN ® compostable films and laminates run on conventional plastic packaging machinery with mechanical properties and sealing strength comparable to conventional plastic sealing.


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