13X20 Grocery Bags 100Pcs Roll


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Biogreen™ Compostable Grocery Carry bag Products Are Made From Natural Starch, Vegetable Oil Derivatives And Vegetable Waste.

Traditional plastic is made with fossil fuels and chemical fillers that can be harmful to the environment when released with biodegradable plastic, you get a substance made from natural sources that does not contain these fossil fuels and chemicals , does not pose the same risk to the environment.

• Our Products are being used in departmental stores, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other institutes
• No harm will be caused to animal if they eat BIOGREEN™ bags
• Potential reduction of CO2 footprint, GHG emissions and fossil energy consumption.
• Alternative for plastic and fossil fuel based products
• 100% Compostable and Biodegradable
• Compostable according to EN 13432 and ISO 17088 (industrial composting).
• All products are certified Central pollution control board as per ISO 17088 and comes with certification
• Products will be decomposed and will become fertilizer once product reaches composting facility
• Ink used in these products are water-based ink and Eco-friendly will cause no harm to environment


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