Biodegradable Standup Pouches

These pouches are made from biodegradable materials that can naturally break down over time, reducing waste and pollution. With a capacity to hold various products such as snacks, grains, or liquids, these pouches provide convenience while being eco-friendly.

One of the key advantages of biodegradable stand-up pouches is their ability to decompose through natural processes. They are typically made from materials like compostable films or bio-based plastics derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. When disposed of properly, these pouches can degrade into harmless substances like water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter, without leaving behind harmful residues.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Customization is available
  • 2 types of pouches available – Zipper and Airtight
  • Composting within 100-160 days


In addition to their eco-friendly nature, biodegradable stand-up pockets offer excellent boundary properties to protect the substance from dampness, light, and oxygen, ensuring item freshness and extending shelf life. They are also customizable, allowing for different shapes, sizes, and designs, making them reasonable for a wide range of products. Utilizing biodegradable stand-up pouches adjusts with the developing customer request for maintainable packaging options. Increasingly clients are actively looking for items that reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. By joining biodegradable pouches into their packaging strategies, businesses can upgrade their sustainability credentials, attract environmentally conscious consumers, and differentiate themselves in the market.In conclusion, biodegradable stand-up pouches offer a sustainable packaging solution that combines convenience with environmental responsibility. Their ability to break down naturally, coupled with their protective barrier properties, makes them an attractive choice for businesses and consumers alike. By embracing biodegradable packaging, we can contribute to a greener future while protecting the quality and integrity of our products.

Standard Size: 2000 for each segment
Minimum order quantity: 250 KG - 500 KG
Thickness: >60 microns.

Why Choose BioGreen?

Eco -Friendly Materials

Our products are made from corn starch, vegetable waste, sugarcane bagasse, aiding a healthier planet.

100% Compostable

Biogeen's products naturally decompose without harmful residues, enriching soil through home or industrial composting.

Sustainability at the Core

Our products promotes sustainability & a greener, eco-conscious lifestyle, reducing environmental impact.

Certification Standards

Our Products are certified standards, guaranteeing their compliance with precise compostability requirements.

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