Biogreen Biotech compostable Straws are made from all natural substances like starch, vegetable waste.  Our compostable straws are Eco-Friendly and are 100% compostable. Zero chemicals or additives, all natural and vegan. These straws hold their shape over time, unlike paper straw that fall apart; plus they are crack and break resistant. Do your part to save planet earth with Biogreen’s Straws which are made from only finest materials. Saving our planet.

  • Available in 2 different forms (straight or articulated straw)
  • They are made from sustainable materials and can be used on various foods.
  •  Customized packing is available
  • Composting within 100-160 days

Minimum order quantity: 10,000

Paper Straw 10mm

Size : 10 mmTransportation : 100/- for Transportation

Paper Straw 8mm

Size : 8 mmTransportation : 100/- for Transportation

Why Choose BioGreen?

Eco -Friendly Materials

Our products are made from corn starch, vegetable waste, sugarcane bagasse, aiding a healthier planet.

100% Compostable

Biogeen's products naturally decompose without harmful residues, enriching soil through home or industrial composting.

Sustainability at the Core

Our products promotes sustainability & a greener, eco-conscious lifestyle, reducing environmental impact.

Certification Standards

Our Products are certified standards, guaranteeing their compliance with precise compostability requirements.

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