These are made of high-quality materials. These food lids cover easily fit into cups or bowls that are meant to be kept fresh or spill-proof. These disposable containers are made of raw materials such as vegetable waste, cornstarch, and fillers. This disposable container comes with a matching cover design to avoid moist and soggy products.


  • Available for customization
  • Hold the grip on their cups
  • Composting within 100 - 160 days


Minimum order quantity: 250 KG - 500 KG

Why Choose BioGreen?

Eco -Friendly Materials

Our products are made from corn starch, vegetable waste, sugarcane bagasse, aiding a healthier planet.

100% Compostable

Biogeen's products naturally decompose without harmful residues, enriching soil through home or industrial composting.

Sustainability at the Core

Our products promotes sustainability & a greener, eco-conscious lifestyle, reducing environmental impact.

Certification Standards

Our Products are certified standards, guaranteeing their compliance with precise compostability requirements.

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